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About Laurence Smith

Laurence Smith first opened for business in 1939 with a business model that put emphasis on satisfying the customers every need. 76 years later this model has been executed with great success.

We have made many adjustments along the way, including industry changes, architectural trends and market improbability, in an effort to provide our customer with the experience they deserve.

Our History

Dating back to 1939, Laurence Smith Distributors opened its doors in Saginaw, MI. It was only a handful of years later in the mid-1940s the business was relocated to Bay City, where our corporate office and distribution center still operate today. In 1976 Laurence Smith Distributors partnered with Marvin Windows & Doors becoming the first Marvin Distributor in the State. Evident by the relationship we have with Marvin today this decision has proven to be a good one. Though our business had always been open to the public, many thought we were only a wholesale distributor. It was in 2006 when we rebranded ourselves by fine-tuning our name known today as Laurence Smith Window & Door. Most recently, in 2009, we expanded our offering with the opening of the Marvin Design Gallery in Bloomfield Hills.

Our People

When you enter one of our two Michigan showrooms in Bay City or Bloomfield Hills you will be greeted by one of our window and door professionals. With years of experience behind them, they will give you personalized attention, the kind you deserve. We do business the old-fashioned way, giving the customer one-on-one attention and taking the time they need. Our team will work to find the best resolution to your specific need, never diverting to high-pressure sales tactics. We’re working with you.

Our Support – “What Happens After the Sale?”

And what happens after the sale? No one really talks about that. With Laurence Smith Window & Door, you’re covered. We have our very own service & support division to take care of your every need and if for some reason we are unable the manufacturer is there for insurance. Being in business for this many years means our manufacturers are a trusted partner. They know us and they know the way we do business. Together, we will take the extra steps should something not work out to your complete satisfaction.

Laurence Smith Window & Door is passionate about windows and doors. We are well respected within the industry itself and among homeowners and communities which we are fortunate to have worked with. Laurence Smith Window & Door is recognized for its expertise and diverse product offerings. We have strategically partnered ourselves with manufacturers of the best products in their respective markets. Manufacturers marvel at the opportunity to work with our company knowing that their product will be well represented by seasoned window & door professionals. Consequently, the product is ordered correctly the first time, installed properly and on time; everything to your specifications and requirements.

To the many building and design professionals, homeowners and industry friends that have supported Laurence Smith Window & Door, we owe a great deal of gratitude. Thank you for considering us!

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