Windows & Doors That Fit the Style of Your Farmington-Area Home

When you’re choosing replacement windows for your Farmington-area home, it’s important to make sure that windows you choose reflect and complement the style of your home. Why is that such a big deal? Some things are easier to show than they are to explain, so let’s look at a variety of home styles—and pay particular attention to how the doors and windows look in each one.

contemporary-home-style-windows-farmington-miContemporary style is characterized by design developed in the mid-20th century and was inspired particularly by the International and Bauhaus architectural styles. A typical contemporary home emphasizes organic shapes and indoor-outdoor living.


victorian-home-style-windows-farmington-miVictorian design includes styles such as Italianate, Second Empire and Queen Anne, among others.  The trend began in the 19th century “machine age” in America and took advantage of mass-produced ornamentation (brackets, spindles, and patterned shingles).  The style is also reflected in elements such as gabled roofs, curved towers, spindled porches and bay windows.


colonial-home-style-windows-farmington-miColonial style (as its name suggests) reflects the style that was used in the building of homes in the 13 original colonies. The style (still popular today) was strongly influenced by the traditions of European settlers. Colonial homes are often symmetrical, rectangular buildings, with large central or exterior gable-end chimneys.


transitional-home-style-windows-farmington-miTransitional style homes are a rather broad category. The classification is more about the feel of a home than about a specific architectural designation. In broad brushstrokes a transitional home mixes more than one style—allowing a homeowner to blend both traditional and contemporary elements. The color palette for transitional homes tends to run toward neutral colors.


cottage-home-style-windows-farmington-miCottage style homes can be anything from small, country bungalows to larger seaside homes. Key architectural features often include inviting porches, pathways, and gardens. The exteriors of these homes can be stonework, wood siding, or lighter colored stucco. You can also often find a welcoming bay window, arched windows or a shutter theme throughout the home.


craftsmen-home-style-windows-farmington-miCraftsman homes originated from the works of the architects Charles and Henry Greene and were inspired from the Arts and Crafts movement that emphasized handmade items over machine made features. Additional characteristics of craftsmen homes include decorative handcrafted woodwork, tapered square columns, a front porch, and a gable roof with overhanging eaves and exposed decorative supports.


coastal-home-style-windows-farmington-miCoastal homes aren’t necessarily found on the coast. In fact the designation generally refers to the function of this style of home more than a particular architectural style. Coastal homes often incorporate design aesthetics from other architectural styles (Victorian, Colonial, Modern, or Craftsman) and are intended to highlight the home’s ability to withstand the surrounding environment while highlighting that environment’s beauty. Coastal homes often favor bright, airy, open plans that take advantage of natural light and blur the point where the house ends and the view starts.

You can click here to take a closer look at interiors and exteriors of these home styles. As you do, you’ll see the significant role that both doors and windows play in reflecting and enhancing the style of each type of home.

Regardless of the style of your Farmington-area home, you’ll want to choose doors and windows that let the designed beauty of your home shine through. For a hands on look at your options (and to get some professional advice about which doors and windows may work best) we invite you to visit us to take a look inside our Bloomfield Hills showroom—or come by 2350 Franklin Road, in Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302.