Old City Hall Restoration in the Heart of Bay City

For those who grew up in Bay City, the old town hall has stood as a beautiful landmark of the community for over a century.

At Laurence Smith Window and Door, we were especially excited about the opportunity to be a part of restoring this historic building to its former glory and preserving this landmark for generations to come.

The aesthetic appeal of Marvin Windows lend themselves to historic projects and beauty. Our expertise allowed us to maintain a traditional, historic look while implementing new technology with our Marvin Next Generation Clad Ultimate Single Hung Windows. 

Because of the unique demands of a historic restoration project, Laurence Smith Window and Door was the clear choice to help ensure that the windows met the State Historic Preservation Office requirements to ensure that the Old City Hall, originally constructed in the 1890s, was not just renovated but was truly restored to its original beauty. It is this attention to detail that we give every project.

When you look at the Old City Hall, the gorgeous brick and classic oversized windows with their clad brick mold casing draw you in.

historic restoration windowsOne of the unique beauties of an old window are the classic ogee lugs, a beautiful decorative piece added to older architecture added to the window sash. While these are not something regularly seen today, we were excited to incorporate them to maintain the original look of the Old City Hall.

While this building served as the Bay City City Hall for many years, it is now known in the community as Old City Hall Restaurant, a favorite gathering place and eatery. Distinguished by the open feel that the oversized windows provide, the Old City Hall is a favorite hang out in the Bay City area.

At Laurence Smith Window and Door we are eager to help make your vision a reality. Stop by our Bay City showroom at 3605 S. Huron Road to learn more about how we utilize the latest technologies to optimize energy and cost efficiency while also giving you the look you desire.

Whether you are looking to restore a treasured landmark, update an older building with new technology, or create something from the ground up, our team of experts is committed to helping you every step of the way.