New Amadore Apartments Window Replacement Project

New Amadore Apartments Saginaw MILaurence Smith Window & Door is working on an exciting new project to provide replacement windows for the 281 original single-pane windows installed in 1929 in New Amadore Apartments, the historic Saginaw building.

Without altering the building’s appearance, the windows are specially designed to be highly energy efficient, easy to operate, and replicate the look of the original.

The renovations are expected to save $610,000 over the course of the special 20-year loan. With the cost of this investment spread out over 20 years, the savings will exceed the cost of the annual payments from the very first year.

You can learn more about the project here. Information about the special financing program making it easier for businesses and non-profits to finance energy efficiency and renewable energy projects can be found here.