Great Window Design Can Be Just Around the Corner

corner windows for Saginaw homesMaking a change to the windows in your Saginaw – area home is one of the most dramatic moves you can make. Windows today aren’t simply static fixtures that let a bit of light and air in. Today they are design elements that can change the whole dynamic of a room.

Of course, not all windows are created equal. Some offer a lot more bang for the buck than others. But great window design can be just around the corner. Let me explain.

On of the ways to get a truly dramatic impact from your windows is by using them to create a unique and interesting focal point for a room. That’s where the unique placement of a corner window can really make a difference. The photo of the bathroom you see here is a good example. By placing it in the corner it let’s in a large amount of light to what otherwise might be a somewhat dark room. Because this bathroom is on the second floor, privacy is not as much of an issue and allows lots of natural light inside. You could argue as to whether the window or the beautiful tub is the focal point—but the fact is, the tub wouldn’t have as much impact without that gorgeous corner window.

unconventional windows for your Saginaw home,Bathrooms, however, aren’t the only place where a corner window can have a dramatic impact. The corner window you see here in the family room not only let in plenty of natural like, but it also takes advantage of great views. Again, it functions as a design element. It would be hard to find artwork that’s more interesting and inviting than the unobstructed views out the window.

You’ll notice that now only do the windows let in a lot of light, but with their floor-to- ceiling design, they visually extend the room—making it feel bigger and more spacious. And here’s something many homeowners don’t think about. The direction of the light coming into a home can significantly impact the colors (i.e. walls) of a room. Having light coming from two different directions gives a more balanced sense of color.

If you want to take a closer look at all your window options, that opportunity is just around the corner as well. That’s why I invite you to visit us to take a look inside our Bay City showroom—or come by 3605 S. Huron Road in Bay City, MI. There’s no substitute for a hands-on look at how great new windows can look.