Do You Need a Security Door?

Lock the doorGetting a new front door is one of the simplest ways to update the facade of your home and adds immediate curb appeal. What’s the first thing you usually notice about the front of a house? It’s often the door. Its color, style, and size impact the visual appeal of the front of your home.

If your door is old and haggard, you’ve probably started to look at options for replacement, and one type of replacement to consider is a security door. All doors offer some level of security, but there are also doors specifically designed for use in areas where a little added security is necessary or desired.

Measuring the Features for your Door

Just as there are different types of regular doors made in materials like wood, vinyl, and aluminum, there are also a variety of materials available for security doors. The National Glass Association offers some security advice for your door choice:

Impact-Resistance: Check the impact-resistance if you’re building against windy weather or a natural disaster. Doors may resist being torn off their hinges and come with shatter-resistant glass. If an intruder can’t get the door open, he might not bother breaking into your home.

Remember: A security door doesn’t mean you can’t have glass. With a little searching, you can usually find a manufacturer that offers high-performance glass, as well as decorative features on security doors.

Don’t Assume Steel is Your Only Option

Steel security doors remain popular, particularly on homes that have updated architecture or were built in a modern style. However, steel isn’t your only option. The DIY Network offers this advice when shopping for a security door:

Steel doors have the image of being the most secure of all entry doors but reality doesn’t always support this image. You can take almost any knife or pointed object and punch right through the thin steel in most steel doors. You can’t do this to a fiberglass entry door. If someone tries to kick in your front door, he or she may not get in, but they will undoubtedly dent the door if it is steel. Again, this won’t happen with a fiberglass door. Fiberglass doors are just as secure as steel doors.

Consider a Security Screen Door

You may also want to consider a security screen door if you’re interested in opening your door on a regular basis for air flow, yet don’t want to expose the home to the weakness of a traditional screen door.

An article on review website Angie’s List offers this wisdom in choosing a security screen door:

The main difference is that the 2- to 3-inch wide steel frames allow for more than 40 percent air flow and visibility than aluminum or metal alloy frames that need to be almost six inches wide for strength. Aluminum doors will not rust but are significantly more expensive. If steel security screen doors are properly treated and powder coated, they should not show signs of rust for at least 8 to 10 years. They can then be recoated.

Don’t Forget the Locks!

A final piece of discussion for your new door is the type of lock installed. When updating the lock on the front door, you’ll probably also want to consider the locks on other exterior doors for rekeying purposes or for additional security at other access points to the home.

The lock professionals at Schlage recommend considering several angles when choosing the type of lock on your front door. You’ll want to consider the aesthetics of the lock, which means selecting a finish for the lock that will look appropriate with the color or material of the door.

You’ll also need to figure out which kind of hardware is best. You’ll need to choose between knobs, levers, deadbolts, and handles, as well as the material of which the lock is made and the protection it will offer against potential intruders.

Tip: When making your choice on a lock, look through the listings at Consumer Reports for the most dependable locks on the market.

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