Choosing the Right Windows for Your Saginaw Home: Inspiration & Information

Inspiration for your Rochester, MI windowsMaking sure you select the right windows for your Saginaw home is a pretty big deal. Whether you’re building a new home or renovating your existing home, the windows you choose play a crucial role. So how do you decide which windows are right? Here’s a quick look at two things that can help you make the right decision: Inspiration and Information.


Inspiration can come from a lot of different sources. You might see something you like at a friend’s house. Or you might visit home improvement sites online. There’s a really great resource available to you at the Marvin Inspiration Gallery.

You’ll find more than 1,200 images of different styles, sizes, colors, and configurations of windows that are used in a wide variety of homes. There are traditional homes, modern homes, historic homes, high-end designer homes, and more modest houses. Chances are you’ll see a house that’s similar to your Saginaw home.

We understand that all that inspiration can be a little bit overwhelming. That’s why you can refine your search for the perfect looking windows. You can select your viewing choices by room (Bathroom, dining room, Living Room, Kitchen, etc.). You can also choose interior or exterior views.

You can also look at specific styles of homes, such as Coastal, contemporary, Craftsman, traditional, Victorian, Colonial, or more. And if you want to look at doors at the same time, you have that option.


Inspiration is great, but that doesn’t make the decision for you. You’ll still want to gather important information about the different kinds of windows available to you. That’s where you can benefit from taking a look at the various kinds of windows at your disposal (Double hung, single hung, casement, awning, gliders, bay & bow, tilt turn and hopper, round top, and specialty windows).

Not only can you see the various options within each category, but you’ll also find specific information pertaining to size and finishes, and much more. The features of each kind of window are also highlighted.


When it really comes down to making your decision, there is no substitute for actually getting your hands on the actual products and getting in-depth answers to the questions you have from a window expert. That’s why we invite you to take a look inside our Bay City showroom, or come by 3605 S. Huron Road in Bay City, MI, where you can see a wide range of options for your home. Not only will you see for yourself how the windows look and feel, but you’ll also be able to draw on the expertise of our professional staff. They can help you ask (and answer) the pertinent questions that will help you choose the right windows for your Saginaw home.