Choosing Colors for Windows and Other Home Accents

Shutters.Renovating the exterior of your home is a great way to improve the curb appeal of your house, as well as the functionality of the home. Choosing colors for features like new windows, doors, and other exterior components is an important part of the upgrade process.

If you’re not sure what colors to use on your exterior renovation, consider the following advice for choosing a beautiful new palette for your home.

What Makes a Great Accent Color

Color is an incredible way to change the feel of a home without investing in a full-scale renovation, but there’s more to new paint than the color on your siding or exterior. You’ll also need to choose colors for the accents around the home like the door, windows, and trim.

You’ll also need to think about colors for windows and features like the door, lighting hardware, potted plants, the fence (if you have one), and the roof. Although some extremely modern homes might feature colors in various shades of gray, gray, and gray, even color palettes that seem very similar need some consideration on color choice.

HGTV offers an intuitive way to approach color. Although their recommendations are for interior colors, the same principle can be applied to the exterior of the home. They suggest dividing the colors used into a ratio of 60-30-10. This means using three colors in varying percentages of 60 percent, 30 percent, and 10 percent.

Take a look at some rooms in magazines or in Designers’ Portfolio. You’ll notice that the rooms you like the most are almost invariably divided into percentages of 60-30-10. Why this works is anybody’s guess.

For your home, this might mean choosing to paint the home dark brown for the 60 percent portion along with light brown for the 30 percent and white for the 10 percent (which might be the trim around the windows).

Choosing the Colors

“Southern Living” suggests that the exterior color of your home is one of the biggest determinants of how people perceive the residence, so it’s an important decision. Their suggestions include:

  • Ideal colors help the home blend in with its surroundings
  • Heavy landscaping around the home means earth-tones work well
  • Taupe is a great color for homes on a lake or those surrounded by trees
  • Spice up bland exteriors by using white for the trim
  • A bright roof is complemented by vibrant green shutters
  • White is beautiful on traditional or modern homes

How to Add Color to Your Exterior

Painting the entire façade of your home is one way to add color, but you have other options as well, particularly if you’re just looking to paint your accents, the windows, or perhaps the shutters.

You may already have a main color in mind for your home’s exterior, but the accent color you use will give the home important character and style. Better Homes & Gardens offers some interesting details on a feature called cladding:

Cladding — the aluminum wrap on an exterior window frame — lets you have the beauty of wood inside and a low-maintenance covering outside. Manufacturers offer cladding in various colors, so you can make your windows stand out or blend in with existing siding.

In addition, another fun way to add color to the exterior of your home is by coordinating the lighting fixtures and various hardware. You might try choosing the same color for these accents as your “10 percent” color.

A boldly colored door is yet another way to boost the color of your home with ease. BH&G further suggests:

Your front door is a great place to add a dash of bold color — and boost home value. If you want to add color, look for doors that come ready to be painted and opt for a high-quality acrylic latex paint

Other options for adding color to your home include using stone on your exterior, adding shutters to your windows, and switching the roof color to something noticeably vibrant. You might also think about a fancy garage door that’s not just the bland metal paneled version that’s common on today’s suburban homes.

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