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How Will Window Trends Affect Your Saginaw Home?

When you’re considering new windows for your Saginaw home, you’re looking at an investment that will serve you for years. Do you really need to be concerned about what’s trending in the window world? One thing to keep in mind is that there’s a big difference between fads and trends.… Read More

Aluminum Clad Wood For A Low Maintenance Exterior

All aluminum cladding is not created equal. Our extremely durable extruded aluminum substrate is significantly stronger than roll-form aluminum. Marvin clad meets the toughest AAMA 2605 70% PVDF standard for a finish with superior resistance to fading and chalking. BETTER CLADDING MEANS BETTER FINISH Marvin is the only window manufacturer… Read More

Sometimes The Best Thing A Window Can Do Is Get Out Of The Way And Let The View Be The Star

Marvin Contemporary Designs Contemporary design is about maximum light and minimum clutter. It’s about connecting the great outdoors with the great indoors with big expanses of glass, natural wood, and clean, bold lines. Marvin’s contemporary wood windows are the perfect way to transform your vision into a beautiful reality. Marvin… Read More

YOU live a life that no one else lives

YOU live a life that no one else lives. Shouldn’t you have windows and doors that no one else has? You do not live a cookie-cutter life. You’re an individual with your own views. You know exactly what you value, what makes you unique, what inspires you. You’ve spent years… Read More

Easy Cleaning – Inside & Out

Gone are the days of ladders, scaffolding, or ignoring a dirty window because it's a chore to clean. With the Marvin Ultimate Casement Collection, cleaning is a simple task. The revolutionary hardware allows the window to rotate inward, making both sides of the glass washable from the interior of the… Read More