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How New Windows Improve Your Home’s Efficiency

Save hundreds of dollars on your utility bills by replacing old, drafty windows, or reduce the money you spend on electricity by resealing and repairing windows with minor defects. Window replacement and repair projects exist for every budget. Don’t spend another winter using more heating oil than is necessary or… Read More

Choosing Interior Doors: Style & Function

Many features in the home serve a dual purpose of decorating the space and functioning as something regularly used in the home. For example, curtains or a window treatment helps create privacy and darken the room, but they also enhance the décor of the room with a certain style. Doors… Read More

What Do These 5 Total Home Transformations Have in Common?

Remodeling your home is often both a challenging and fun experience. The challenge is comprised of putting in the work to turn your house into the home you’ve always dreamed of. This is no easy task when you factor in your home’s current design, your budget, choosing the products you’ll… Read More

Choosing a Front Door

You’ve probably seen real estate shows where an agent insists that the right front door might mean the difference between amazing curb appeal and a tired exterior, and that’s not a bad way to think about your front door. However, just about everyone and their decorator probably has an opinion… Read More

Do You Need a Security Door?

Getting a new front door is one of the simplest ways to update the facade of your home and adds immediate curb appeal. What’s the first thing you usually notice about the front of a house? It’s often the door. Its color, style, and size impact the visual appeal of… Read More

Aluminum Clad Wood For A Low Maintenance Exterior

All aluminum cladding is not created equal. Our extremely durable extruded aluminum substrate is significantly stronger than roll-form aluminum. Marvin clad meets the toughest AAMA 2605 70% PVDF standard for a finish with superior resistance to fading and chalking. BETTER CLADDING MEANS BETTER FINISH Marvin is the only window manufacturer… Read More

Sometimes The Best Thing A Window Can Do Is Get Out Of The Way And Let The View Be The Star

Marvin Contemporary Designs Contemporary design is about maximum light and minimum clutter. It’s about connecting the great outdoors with the great indoors with big expanses of glass, natural wood, and clean, bold lines. Marvin’s contemporary wood windows are the perfect way to transform your vision into a beautiful reality. Marvin… Read More