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Does It Really Matter What Windows or Doors You Choose For Your Troy Home?

Some homeowners and remodelers seem to be of the opinion that “a window is just a window” and “a door is just a door,” and that pretty much any window or door will do when you’re remodeling your home. Does it really matter what windows and doors your chose when… Read More

Choosing Interior Doors: Style & Function

Many features in the home serve a dual purpose of decorating the space and functioning as something regularly used in the home. For example, curtains or a window treatment helps create privacy and darken the room, but they also enhance the décor of the room with a certain style. Doors… Read More

Do You Need a Security Door?

Getting a new front door is one of the simplest ways to update the facade of your home and adds immediate curb appeal. What’s the first thing you usually notice about the front of a house? It’s often the door. Its color, style, and size impact the visual appeal of… Read More